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I'm not a Southern Beauty,
I'm not an Eastern rose;
I'm just a lil' Western Gal
With freckles on her nose.

Saturday, February 13

A Rescue and An Antique Postcard: Girl with Quill and Menu

A big "Howdy" to you, Elves and Others! Greetings to all my olde Penniwig's frens, too.

Welcome to The Banner Haus News, where you can find antique and vintage images posted daily, to help keep the work of long-ago artists alive, in circulation, and appreciated. Right-click to save them, then use on yr blogs, websites, cards and such.

The Banner Haus is also a place where I enjoy "holding forth" as the mood strikes me, bringing you all the news and musings of my strange little world. I'm just an Ol' Western Gal, suspiciously akin to my former alter ego, The Olde Dame, only dustier.

I go wandering through life like a little straw-hatted donkey, munching on weeds and sniffing on flowers and trying to stay off of the cactuses.

Catch my Twitter feed, if you like! I have it up here on my bloggie, too. I think Twitter turns out to be a fine way to interact.

Fer those without a Twitter account, they are free and easy to use. Now all of you other donkeys can mill around and whinny at each other and be nosey, without a lot of bloggie bother and etiquette and obligations. Try it, my pets. We'll all learn together. You go first.

Breaking News

Yesterday, while out on my favorite mount, Spokey Joe (which is an old girls wide-fender two-tone TURQUOISE-N-CREAM coaster-brake bike), I came across a horny toad SETTING IN THE STREET right in front of George W. Bush's childhood home here in Midland, Texas.

I don't know why a horny toad would be awake at this time of year. The temperature spiked up yesterday, possible confusing the creature. This is the second horny toad rescue in the same location, and a handtowel was used in both rescues, as I am a bit leery of handling the horny toads.  They DO shoot blood out of their eyes at you. Which I personally think wouldn't do either of us any good.

Old-Time Household Tip:
If you have that trailing ivy in yr home, and it gets dull or dusty, get yrself a piece of old washcloth. Put 1/4 cup milk and a 1/4 cup water together, put the cloth in and squeeze out until just damp. Then wipe the ivy leaves with it. Makes them glossy. No, yr house will not smell like milk, my suspicious pets.

Vintage Postcard Freebie:

Today, a digitally freshened antique postcard image. It is ready for digital or craft projects.

Wondering how to add wording to a graphic, without having to buy and master a program such as PhotoShop or Paint Shop Pro? There are several places on the Internet offering instant, online editing abilities. Photobucket and Picnik are two such places, and their basic versions are free. (Ol' Western Gal has no monetary connection with these places, and I primarily use Paint Shop Pro to alter, clean up, and create images.)

Right-click to save. Enjoy. I'm moseying on now, see you tomorrow God Willing and the Creek Don't Rise.

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