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I'm not a Southern Beauty,
I'm not an Eastern rose;
I'm just a lil' Western Gal
With freckles on her nose.

Monday, February 22

Ring Ring

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My poor ol' ears are ringing. Sounds like a hysterical gathering of crickets of some high-pitched alien sort, tuning up for a dreadful symphony. They've no business ringing like that. Hope yrs don't tend to ring. Reminds me of the part in Lord of the Rings, in the Fellowship of the Rings part, where crickets in the marshes are driving everyone wild, especially poor Sam.

These are ear-rings I could do without.

I have so many new earrings made, by the by! But haven't taken pictures, double-tarnation! Been busy writing articles fer MONEY! Now, I'm tore up about sharing my discovery. It's the greedy little donkey in me. But I've always been open-handed to a fault. Why start settin' on a nest of golden eggs, hiding 'em, instead of sharing 'em?

If yr in need of cash, try, if you think you can write a bit. You can write articles, and then they put the money in yr PayPal account if the person ordering the article likes it. I made $16 tonight. Of course, that may be where the ringing-in-the-ears came from, now that I think about it. All hunched up over the keyboard, worried to a nub.

Vintage Postcard Image, and Some Sidebar Bunnies

Now m'dear donkey frens, you know all of these are free. I have my pay-for ones on another page. So help yrselves, don't be shy about taking 'em. One poor soul thought these free ones were fer sale. Dearies, I think she "dranks" a bit.

These are, of course, the work of long-ago artists, cleaned up and altered a bit by little ol' me.

Right-click to save. Fer the postcards, if you just click on 'em regular at first, sometimes a bigger version will load up fer you.

15 bloggie frens have visited the Comment Corral:

  • Mary

    You are so crazy! I've know about the pay per article thing but haven't looked into. Sounds like a decent part time income if you can keep getting assignments. So what did you write about? Or is it top secret?

  • cinner

    Good for you for the writing, I don't even know how paypal works...I must be a donkey. Glad you are well. take care.

  • Carmen C.

    YAY...$16.00 in a night to write sounds great, and I love how those bunnies are kickin' up those hoppers:) On our "boys" I bet if we lived close by they'd be the best of friends too, LOL!!!!!

  • Debra

    What beautiful graphics!
    How wonderful you were able to earn some extra cash!
    Thanks for the link!!

  • Holly, the Old Western Gal

    Howdy howdy.

    I really do say "Howdy" or "How do" or "Howdy-howdy" when meeting people. It got me a lot of mean looks and a couple of outright sneers when I lived outside of Texas.

    Mary, I wrote on the excitingest topic ever! Wholesale plumbing supply companies in four super-interesting states, such as New Mexico and Idaho!

    cinner, PayPal is really easy to get and use. It doesn't cost anything to have an account. It's like a bank, almost. Go to their site to find out the rules -- make sure you are on the SECURE site (https).

    Hi Carmen and Debra! Stay warm, my dears!

  • ^..^Corgidogmama

    Writing would be right up your alley, I should think. Plumbing???? Glad you found that site.
    Pretty little ol' pictures today.

  • NancyD

    It's a cold and sunny morning here so far but you always manage to bring some spring into my blogging visit! :) I'm certain that you SHOULD be writing for a living, Holly! $16 is $16 and who knows what comes next?? Have a great week. Ü

  • Julia

    I like the sound of crickets. Call me sick. Or something.

    I find it kinda sad that they ONLY paid you 16 dollars. This new world of online writing makes for lots of competition I think.

  • Amrita

    Congratulations on earning $ 16 Holly, you have such flair you cann add a couple of zeroes to it.
    If I sent an article anywhere theyn would use it as toilet paper.

    Then bunnies are loveable

    My feet are aching. I walked to the bazar in my thin soled shoes, wrong chice. They make my feet ache very badly.
    Actualy I had work in a nice store, so to impress them I wore a nicer shoes.But I shouldn 't have walked so far in them.
    Eeyore...eeyore ...(tail down)

  • sjhackney

    I kinda like being called a donkey. I must be a little teched. Thanks for the St. Paddy's pic. Sally

  • Ms Sparrow

    My sympathies about the tinnitus, Holly. I've had that for years and it's getting louder over time. Mine is more like a steady high-pitched tone though.
    Thanks for the info about textbrokers. I'll give it a try. Anything to increas my income is welcome! You're a real friend!

  • Rosemary

    $16 Yay!!
    Love the graphics! Hope you had a great weekend!!

  • Sandi@ My Yellow Door

    I love the sound of crickets and frogs singing in the Springtime! Yes, I'm a real nature lover! Cute graphics; love the bunnies!

  • Debra

    Oh yum! I thought we wouldn't be able to comment any more...Love the new blog. Love the earrings too. I need some.
    ~Love, Debra

  • Walking on Sunshine...

    I'm going to check that source out! I would think you could make much more with your writing!

    Received my bird cage this morning! Very nice! Thank you again!

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