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Friday, September 10

A Good-Bye, 9-11 and Never Forget

September 11, 2001

Tomorrow is a sad day to remember, and today is a somewhat sad day for me -- at long last, after many years, many blogs, and many monikers, I am closing down my daily blogging effort.

Sometimes something that has been right changes into something that is no longer optimal.

My motto: Always do your best to move towards health -- mental, physical, spiritual. 

A move away from the blog world, away from the Internet, and towards a closer communion with the natural world is the message and vibe I have received. The virtual world is many things to many people, but for me, it began to cast a shadow on my heart and I have to turn away from it now. 

But of course I will still be dropping by and visiting and watching others slave over their bloggies.

Something that just hurt my heart with the blog world was to have no way to reach someone except through their blog -- to feel a kinship with them, or concern for them -- and then some crazy technical problem would occur and comments would get lost or be unable to be posted -- it upsets my equilibrium and puts a wobble in the karmic whole -- it seems too shallow a way to communicate, for me --  just not good for my lil' heart; this lil' donkey has trod too rough a path and can't take too many more bumps.

Kindly look for free animations on my snowiecat Photobucket accounts  -- Faith had a great idea about making a hurricane lamp animation -- and rescued vintage graphics and original creations as well.

I go down my path, and my wish for you is strength for your path. Wishes for happiness and a merry heart, or strength if your path is full of pitfalls, go with you! As a favorite author, Brenda Ueland, said, "Strength to your sword arm!"

52 bloggie frens have visited the Comment Corral:

  • sab

    im sad.

  • Mary at Deep South Dish

    And the same to you my friend! I wish you peace.

  • MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~

    Dearest Holly! You came into my life for a short time and I treasure that! I learned so much from you and that will be lasting.
    May all you wishes come true and your road be full of wonderful new adventures of your chosing. May the leaves be bright as they lay at your feet and delight your heart in the cozy autumn season. You have made mine shine with your gift!
    love from the cozy cottage and Miss Peach

  • ~ Stitchin Sweet Sue ~

    Hey Holly, your escapades are always a joy to read. You know where I am dear friend, plz say hey once in a while, if and when you've some free donkey time:)


    stitchinsweetsue at gmail dot com

  • Jane

    I will miss you! Take care,


  • Farmchick

    So sorry to hear you are leaving the blogging world but I truely understand. Take care and I hope you will continue to drop by my blog and say hi. :)

  • Anvilcloud

    At least you are kind enough to say goodbye. Some aren't. If blogging isn't meeting a need or want, you should move on, but I expect that you'll be back someday. Be well.

  • Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage

    Holly, I know what you mean by the blogging world and I understand. We'll miss you! Please stop by and say hello from time to time, my friend.


  • Beansieleigh

    Oh, Holly... Another sad day in Blogland then.. I've looked forward to coming here everyday, so count me in as I say "I'll miss you". Best wishes to you in everything you do. ((hugs)) ~tina

  • Anonymous

    Oh Holly, you dear sweet donkey, I will miss you. Your bloggie friendship is so dear to me and will leave a large void. I love your necklace and earbobs and will think of you when I wear them. Thanks for giving me the courage to start my pitiful lil' blog...yep it's your fault...teehee! Take good care of your self. My morning coffee will never be the same without you and your grand pictures. Smiles, Sally

  • Debra

    I will surely miss your daily dose of wisdom and humor- but I do understand. Please stay in touch!!

  • Marjorie (Molly) Smith

    We will surely miss you, I can understand though, it is getting harder and harder for me to post, my life is so full and for this I am thankful. I try to visit my friends but don't always have time to leave a comment and this bothers me. Please take care on your road to the future and know my thoughts and love are with you.

  • Debra

    Hey Holly- on your flickr I just see Valentines graphics.

  • Faith

    Miss Holly,
    I bid you peace....and am grateful for our time here in blogland, for w/o blogs, I would have never made your acquaintance. I will miss coming here and visiting w/you. I wish you well, and hope you do stop by once in awhile if only just to say have my email if you don't want to blog. You have a talent with the graphic, and wit and humor, and you share and give of yourself so freely. It will come back to you 100 fold. Take care of yourself lil
    donkey of all things to has truly been my pleasure to know you. I pray that you find what you are looking for, and it gives you peace....

  • ^..^Corgidogmama

    Dadburn it woman!
    Ok...I'm over my snit now.....
    We all have to do what we need to in order to stay true to ourselves and our needs. Only our gut, heart and mind know what we truly need in this life. When they talk, we need to listen.
    You've expressed this so well, and so beautifully, as always. Be well, be happy and for gawd's sake stay in touch will ya??
    Don't make me come to TX and hunt you down like the little donkey fren that you are!!! GRR.

  • Heather's Blog-o-rama

    Hi Holly..

    Oh, I'm sad that you're leaving. I do like to write real letters...if you want to do that, send me an email!!! I understand your reasons for not blogging anymore. I use Facebook a lot and I"m considering stopping that all together...because I really much prefer real live human interaction. In any case, God bless you lots and lots on this new road :) :) :)
    Extra love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  • Lynn @ Painting Thyme Needfuls

    SO sad to see you go Holly.....but we all need to do whats right for u s and what makes our heart SMILE. I wish you PEACE and may email me any time.

  • A Joyful Chaos

    I'll really miss your blog.

    I wish you the best as you do what is best for you.

  • Jacquelyn Stager

    Dear Holly,
    I totally respect where you are right now and your decision. But you will be sorely missed. I DO feel that we have connected over the past year or so, and I want you to know that I truly feel that my life is richer by your sharing a piece of yourself with me. Blogging takes a lot of time, even for someone who doesn't put as much into it as you do, and the technology can be very frustrating at times, so I do understand where you are coming from. I do hope and pray that this is just temporary "time out" for you to get your equilirium back and have a peaceful break. Do come back, and let us know how to FIND you! Blessings to you and yours my friend. I'll never forget you!

  • Amrita

    Holly, you have dropped the bombshell.
    My humble plea to you, don' t blog daily but once a week or 2 or 3 times a month would be OK too. Many people do that and it OK.

    I am sort of chaine d to you and your blog and I feel I am hanging over a cliff now.

    On the other hand I do understand feelings.
    I am glad you expressed them. Some bloggers just disappear without a word and ignore all comments afterwards.

    I covet your friendship and your visits to my blog, your sweet gifts of friendship have brightened my day.

    I am not going to say goodbye. Donkeys never say goodbye. Stay in touch, otherwise I will come gallopping to TX .

  • Dani

    really sorry you are leaving but could see it coming from previous posts....what can I say but sorry and hope you will stay in tough with all your bloggy friends....

  • Dawn

    It's been a good ride donkey fren! My own vibes felt this coming... well,I guess it was all you kept saying between the lines. Blogging can take a lot of time and when it gets to be a chore and not healthy for you it is time to move on. Best wishes to you dear. Please keep in touch when you can and I will also. Sniff...sniff...okay, bye for now.
    Big hugs..and tears...dang it!

  • Denise Marie

    Once again I blogged about ya today. Love ya, Holly Gal and I'll be seeing ya. I need this blogland so that when my body is weak..I can reach out and touch peeps even when I can't face to face anyone due to my illness. It makes me feel alive, meaningful and purposeful.

    Go forth...dear Donkey and may our paths cross as you find me slavin' over my bloggie. xox!!

  • Jen in NY

    This is indeed sad news but you have to do what is best. I wish you health, happiness, and peace!!

  • Linda @ A La Carte

    I will miss you and your wonderful honest and open posts! Take care and best wishes!

  • Carmen C.

    What sad news to come home to, but i saw it coming too and I will miss you! Best wishes for the path you have chosen:)

  • AkasaWolfSong

    Dear Holly...I am saddened by the fact that you are shutting down your blog...however I do understand your need for doing so.
    My wish for you is the peace that passes all understanding and the joy to live your life the way it is most meaningful for you.
    I will miss your happy wit more than anything. Even though I've only known you a short time you have greatly blessed my life and made it all the more rich.
    Blessings on Your Journey Sister Soul!

  • Anonymous

    I just found your blog a couple of weeks ago and have enjoyed all you've shared....may you find the harmony and balance we all seek.

  • Bernie

    Of all my bloggie friends, you have been the most generous and loving with all of us.
    I wish you well sweet Holly and please stop by and say hello once in a while.....I will miss you but your happiness and contentment is so much more important....:-)Hugs

  • xashee's corner

    peace be with you my friend. i will surely miss your fun posts and graphics too. i hope you always stay in touch. big HUGS!!

  • Faith

    Having my morning coffee, came by to visit, even though I know you are not is a habit to have my coffee and visit a spell with you..

    Lil Donkey Fren signing out...

  • Ridgewoman

    I will miss you so much; please keep in touch. You've found a place in my heart and not just virtually! xxx bj

  • Donna

    I am sad to see your departure! Please come visit me when you have a chance now and then. I'll keep on trucking with my blog and posting pretty pictures!

  • Buttercup

    I guess I'll just have to come to Texas. Please come and visit when you can and I'd be happy to drop an email now and then to stay in touch. You have been a good friend and I'll miss your blog, but will keep the friendship in my heart. Take good care of yourself and I will miss you. Thanks for the new year wishes.

  • SueLovesCherries

    Holly, I do so understand how you feel! You are such a sensitive soul, and the blog world has not treated you kindly. But, as you well know, there are those of us who are your die-hard fans and friends, and we would gladly take up arms (and legs) to defend you!

    Your daily posts will be sorely missed, but we'll get by . . . somehow.

    So when you do type that occasional post, remember you're sending it out to all the faithful lil' donkey frens who love to be flailed!

  • Heather's Blog-o-rama

    Hi Holly...

    I know I already left a comment, but I may have forgotten to mention, that I'm so happy you joined my blog and I hope that you will still visit me from time to time :) :) :) Have a great week. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  • Angela

    I'm gonna miss your post when you tell us in a few months that you told us that a blizzard was coming! I enjoyed your graphics but I also enjoyed peeping into your life when you gave us a glipse of it through a post.


  • ~~Carol~~

    I don't know how, but I had a feeling this day was coming for you! You will be sorely missed, but I know you'll be happier, and that's what's important. But I don't think this is the last we'll hear from you. You've got too many great insights that need to be shared! So for now I wish you a very healthy and happy life, donkey fren!

  • Country Whispers

    So sad to see you go and hope that you will return again.

  • Doris Sturm

    You're such a sweet, sweet soul, M'lady, and I know what you're talking about - I often sit here (all alone with my doggy snoozing at my side) typing on the computer and letting the "real world" pass me by. I look up and 4 hours are gone - gone forever! I could have been crocheting, walking outside meeting people face to face...

    I enjoy interacting and communicating with my blogging friends, especially since often my blogging buddies are the only people I actually interact with all day - but, a person needs more. I think if I want more out of life, I need to give more and be more in my life by just showing up. I missed two early walks with my friend because I stayed up too late on the computer and that's unacceptable! I have often thought about the same thing you are mentioning: If something technical goes wrong, there goes your human connextion - if someone (God forbid) should die - who would tell you? How would you know? Not very many people remember to type a post on someone's blog after they perish...a morbid thought, but that's the truth!
    I have been cutting back in my blogging and soon it will be cool enough to be outside more and I'm planning on spending a lot of time outdoors with my boy, who will be 13 on the 11th of November and I want to treasure every moment with him...maybe go and try to mingle more with my neighbors (sigh!) ... we'll see, but I have to try living my life another way if I want to see a change in my life.

    I will miss you, but I have your e-mail address (hope you don't change it) and we can keep in touch that way, if you wish.

    I think of you often and even though I've not been around much, my thoughts wander back to you and your silly "police dogs" eating donuts...hope they are ok.

    Doris and Gizzy :-)

  • Julia

    Me and that Bingo cat send our happy thoughts to you living outside the blogsphere! It's harder and harder for me to maintain my own site with all the other stuff going on. I do have a post coming up this week for which you must visit. Some bad news but an unexpectedly good ending. Bad teaser. I know! Anyway I'll find new ways to harass you I am sure. ;)

  • NancyD

    Oh dear, Holly, with all this crazy every day stuff I quickly visited the recent bloggers and just tonight I realized you hadn't been on there so I went a-looking for you!! Like the rest I was surprised, saddened, and yet totally understanding that you need to do what you need to do. I will miss your wonderful posts. Please don't be a stranger, you have my email too. I'll miss you! Take care. ~ Nancy

  • Thoughts on Life and Millinery.

    Thank you for introducing me to so many wonderful bits and pieces of clip art. I will miss a daily treat from you, but hopefully you will feel free to drop by for a visual treat from one who escaped from Texas..and went to Utah instead!

  • Cinner

    Holly, wishing you all the best, I have always enjoyed coming and visiting you and your blogs. Thank you for all your awesome designs, you are very talented, hope our paths cross again one day. take care. cinner

  • Ms Sparrow

    Dear Holly, you have been such a friend to me that I'm going to really miss you. However, having been in a blogging slump myself for a while, I totally understand your need to back off and do something else. I so admire all the advice, graphics and give-aways you have offered to your followers. You have been an inspiration to me. May your new activities bring you all the happiness and peace you are seeking!

  • ByLightOfMoon

    I am so sad to hear this Holly, But, I do know exactly how your are feeling. I do feel a friendship with you and I hope you do show up now and then, it doesn't have to be an everyday.
    I know I need to be doing others things too in the real world, I sit at this computer way to long each day.

    I need to sit in the shade as the weather cools with a good book or just to hear the wind chimes and birds and the train in the distance.
    Keep Happy Holly, my friend!
    Smiles, Cyndi

  • Debra

    Oh now, this is news I didn't want to hear...You've been so much fun at the bloggie thing, and so generous. I do understand though, and pray you have made a choice that is good for you-even though it hurts us!!!
    I've so loved getting to know you....
    Love, Debra

  • Home and Heart

    You will be missed, and thought of fondly often!!!

  • Amrita

    Hi Holly, hope and pray you are doing well. Mama and I enjoyed watchin g the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games last night . I have done a post about it with some great photos and videos.

    Take care.

  • Amrita

    I come around and check your page, just in case you hav e updated.

  • Baggaraggs:

    Well Crap! This totally sucks squids. Pardon my FRENCH. I will miss you. Love, Robin

  • Doris Sturm

    I miss you :-(

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