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I'm just a lil' Western Gal
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Wednesday, September 8

Bragging, and Mallowcremes

Oh, it's been a long time since I was in a country-fried graphics mood.

Here's the noble mallowcreme, starring in its very own 2010 image.

Right-click to save.

Wanted to mention that my earlier prediction as mentioned in a previous post of a HUGE QUAKE WHERE THERE WAS NO KNOWN FAULT LINE did come true -- the 7.2 in New Zealand, and the creation/discovery of a new fault line. AND my prediction of many quakes in the heartland of the USA and other non-traditional spots -- the Oklahoma quakes. And the Indonesian volcano, though there are worse to come soon, too. Ta-da. Don't fergit my blizzard warning...just received a vibe about a giant WHIRLPOOL in the sea, too...predicted to my family that it will be discovered our planet and solar system "rotates into" both "germs" and WEATHER...then seemingly got the first part of that prediction validated about some sort of space-born lifeforms raining down onto the planet? More to come, if received...

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  • Anonymous

    I'm loving your country fall graphics. Those orange candy pumpkins are my oldest daughter's favorite candy. That and candy corn! Thanks! Smiles, Sally

  • ^..^Corgidogmama

    Your antenna system is really something Holly!
    I picture the old RKO emblems before the ancient black and white films with lightening bolts.....
    Were you ever struck by lightening? Some become more sensitive to things after it happens I've heard. How is your job going?


    Hey girl! Bet you had a vibe that the dreaded Lady Jane was going to be out and about in bloggie land visiting her dearest gals today (for a bit)trying to get herself back into some deadicated bligging! New job? What is it? Guess I have lots to catch up on! Miss my gals! Hugs!

  • Amrita

    Honestly Holly, if your predictions are imminent then I should start digging up a sub-terranean shelter and start storing imperishables in there LOL.

    Thingis raining f4rom the skies! Sometimes mosquitoes rain from the skieis like alien warships.

    The pumpkins are so cute. to day I made pumpkin and potato for supper.

  • Marjorie (Molly) Smith

    I thought about you when I heard about the 7.2 quake, really right on. But now the last part I don't want to see, come true. May be posting pictures of Nolas one day this week, Son and DIL spent week end down there and got some great pictures. And dispite what some folks think, New Orleans wasn't wiped off the face of the earth like some of the MS Coast cities were, it took a good hit but if you listened to the news media it was washed away..looks pretty good to me and most of it's old building and treasures are still there. I will stop preaching's a sore subject to me.
    Love the fall graphs.

  • ~~Carol~~

    Those punkins are going directly to my blog. Thanks Holly!
    I've been meaning to ask you: Do you feel like your prediction skills are a gift or a curse?

  • Debra

    Love the pumpkin candy!
    You were right- big earthquake! Hope you are wrong about the blizzard though!!

  • Dawn

    I predict the sale of air sanitzer and warm wolly socks are going to sky rocket. Outer space germs? wonderful, my kids catch every germ in town...

    I need good news Holly! When are the poetry books coming back?

  • Dawn

    LOL! As I was leaving I got look at your Goodle Adsense box: Emergency Response and survival kits!

  • Holly, the Old Western Gal

    Ha ha gals! [evil chuckle]

    Prediction: Dramatic weight loss by quite a few bloggie frens including my plump lil' self.

    I will spare you some of my more gloomy predictions.

    LADY JANE I did indeed know I would hear from you today. Was thinking about Jalina while placing new Halloween cards this morning.

  • Angela

    I will have to say that even one small area in West Virginia has now had around 5 earthquakes since April! No damage done in that area but it is wild nonetheless!


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