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Monday, September 6

Before and After, and Welcome Sign

I hope bloggie fren Amrita does not mind my featuring an old snapshot (remember that term?) of her family as shown on her blog, Yesu Garden. You really ought to go visit there, she's very entertaining! Even when crabby, she's very droll. Not that she's ever really crabby!

I'm just showing that sometimes a cherished old photo can be enhanced digitally. I like the old look of vintage things, but sometimes a person wants their family photos to be a bit clearer or less faded. I have "corrected" hundreds of photos for folks on the side, always free of course. There are also those who do this professionally and who likely use their Photoshop program to do so -- at $1400 for the program, I can see why they would charge.

This little sign can be saved by right-clicking. It is a "transparent image," meaning it should appear to "float" on the page.

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  • Jane

    Nice re-touch. I have had several old photographs re-touched, and you are right, it is expensive, but worth it!


  • Amrita

    Oh Hi Holly, what a surprise. So sweet of you to do this. Thank you. I will save this one.

    A professional photographer friend of ours has this programme and he edits hundreds of photos. The one with the American wife.

    You are a real professional Holly.

    Well I am at my crabbiest when th e lights go off like now, but I am entertaining myself by visiting my blog friends.

  • ^..^Corgidogmama

    How neat! Amazing what can be done! Armita's family are lovely, even more so, after your applications. I agree, your professional talents are endless Holly.

  • Ms Sparrow

    Wow, I wish I had your computer skills to do such great things! Your generousity in sharing your skills just shows what a good soul you are.

  • Marjorie (Molly) Smith

    I love the job you did on the picture. I have a photo shop program, but no way could I pay that much for it. My little $69.00 program is almost too much for me and does the job I want.

  • Country Whispers

    Great work on the photo. I would love to learn all the little tricks of Photoshop so it could be used to the fullest but I just never have the time to sit and play long enough to learn all of that.
    That is why I truly appreciate people like you that share your graphics with all of us.
    Thanks so much!

  • Home and Heart

    Wow! You did a GREAT job!! How sweet of you you to restore a family treasure!

  • Debra

    What a transormation! Great job!!

  • Anonymous

    Great job on that picture Holly. And what a beautiful family Amrita has. And I thought I was the only crabby person on the internet. teehee!! Thanks for the welcome sign. Smiles, Sally

  • Amrita

    Yesterday we did not have electricity for 11 hours- that turned me into a prickly pear instead of a crab apple.

  • ByLightOfMoon

    Awesome Job Holly,
    I had no idea photos could be enhanced so beautifully! Yes, Amrita has a beautiful family and a new photo to cherish. You are fabulous in your art and you should charge because you are worth it!

    Smiles, Cyndi
    Heck, I nevr even learned to type!

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