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Thursday, September 2

Book Harvest

I like the Laura Ingalls Wilder books -- the Little House series. I know, many places have them banned. So absurd! But I was delighted to find that for all these years, I had missed reading one of them, and now I have it in my hot lil' hooves. How delightful to sit in a pool of lamplight and cozily read something absorbing!

This harvest picture also struck me as very cozy. It is altered from the original vintage, copyright-free painting. Right-click to save. It gets bigger when regular-clicked, too.

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  • Home and Heart

    Oh I LOVE the Little House books!! I have since I was a child. They are a sweet and wonderful escape!! I have read them all many times over including the cookbook inspired by the books! This autumn image is lovely, thank you!

  • Marjorie (Molly) Smith

    I did not know that the Little House books were banned, WHY, what earthy reason could they have for banned them..

  • Debra

    I love the little house books too!
    Love this graphic! I have already saved it!

  • Carmen C.

    Awesome graphic and i can't imagine the "little house" books being banned? What on earth for???? I used to read those in elem. school and pretend i lived in such a loving family:) Lately I'm into the Amish fiction books, very low-stress reading! Enjoy the day sweet one, in 5 days I'll be headin' south:D

  • Holly, the Old Western Gal

    Hi dearies! Banned due to political incorrectness -- Laura's mother did not like Native Americans and also in the book she says "Indians" and that's a no-no now (but wasn't then) and there is a scene where the men put on a minstrel show in blackface. Not admirable things, but she was just reporting what had happened in her life!!!

  • Anonymous

    I love Laura's books. "The Long Winter" is one of my favorites. I read it every year at the first big snowstorm just to remind me of how good I have it now. I had a "little house" childhood in many way but that's for another day. Thanks for the pic. Smiles, Sally

  • Amrita

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Faith

    Enjoy the is such a simple pleasure on so many levels...Little house and a little lamp light...sounds very peacful...enjoy...but remember to come back...

  • Amrita

    Sorry will re write my comment.

    I love the Prairie book I read and think they should not be banned. People are so over wrought about being politically correct. They will ban everything from the face of the earth.

    Love th e picture.

    Today it rained and I a whole wheat breadf

  • Amrita

    Sorry I wanted to say I baked a whole wheat bread

  • Dawn

    Banned? Really? Yet they can show ads for male "enhancement" every commercial break on TV. 'Tis a crazy world.

  • AkasaWolfSong

    What a wonderful graphic you've shared with us all today.

    Enjoy reading your Little House Books Holly!

    Many Blessings being sent your way!

  • Dani

    I love the Little House books too and banning them is simply ridiculous..our world is getting upside down and sideways...I have a large craft book by Laura Wilders daughter giving a history of American needlework..its wonderful..lucky enough to win it on Ebay..also got an entire folder of her grandmother spoke about Indians also..should we ban all family history as Laura was just describing hers?

  • Country Whispers

    Great fall graphic you have today.
    I remember reading them when I was a child and now I have a set for my kids to read.

  • Denise Marie

    Holly, love the graphic. It brings my mother-in-laws farm into mind at the bringing in of the wheat havest.

    Snail mail headed your way but won't get there until next week probably. :0)

  • ^..^Corgidogmama

    Love this old fashioned barn scene pic. The colors, muted and soft, are just lovely.
    More of these pleeeze! Love 'em!

    Another fav of fall...curled up with a book with a mug of hot cider topped with cinnamon, fuzzy slippers and jammies.....oh man, all make for a great night!

  • A Joyful Chaos

    Sweet graphic! I also can't imagine banning the Little House books.

  • Bernie

    Loved these books Holly, they were not banned in Canada, in fact they were in the school library.......some people will use any excuse to bann anything which is so sad really. Thank you for the lovely autumn picture, you are so sweet to share as you do......:-) Hugs

  • Cathy

    I ♥LOVE♥ the little House books and have a set of very old ones! My kids practiced a lot of "reading out loud" by reading these books for many a winter evening! :)
    Banned? Those people make me sick! It's scary the direction this country is headed in at an alarming rate ...

  • ByLightOfMoon

    Oh, now I want to go find a "Little House Winter Book, it sounds so wonderful." I tried to visit daughter Rose's homeplace in Missouri on my way back to Alabama and no one would answer the door on my knock. They were officially closed but I am not by there every day, so I tried! I will get back by there another time but I did take some photos, I will have to load them up to my blog soon.
    I always say I am am part Indian, "Oklahoma Creek" I always have a part in my hair like Cher, I love her saying to Sonny on one of their shows, that she tied up his boat up when he arrived in the US. Opps, I may get bleeped but they just said Indian on TV, Well it is the truth about the Cowboys and Indians and I would not have it any other way. Movie is "Outlaw and Josie Wales" , I love Westerns! How could we not have "The Lone Ranger and Tonto"? Hi Ho Silver Away!

    Oh well, I do not mean to stir up a fictional drama with anyone.
    See ya later, I sure would love to live by that barn and the sea! Call it my place! ( grins)
    Smiles, Cyndi

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